Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Long Time Gone

Chef Glenn made me this stunning Chocolate Peppermint Birthday Cake!
I've been away and it's been a while since I've written.  Here are a few reasons:
1. ICFA (Best conference ever!!)
2. Disney trip with friends
3. Reunion with Chelsea
4. John Green - have you read The Fault in Our Stars yet?  Brilliant!
page 75 (obviously) of The Fault in Our Stars
While I took my blog hiatus, I turned 25.  This morning while packing for Yoga Teacher Training, it sunk in that I'm 25 years old.  That 1/4 life crisis John Mayer sings about in "Why Georgia" suddenly doesn't feel so far fetched.  So I had this brief moment of panic - I'm not exactly where I'd imagined, but I think that's a good thing in most ways.  For instance, I never imagined I'd be going to yoga teacher training and I hit the road tomorrow morning.

Last time I wrote, I shared the sad version of an Extraordinary Activity.  Since I wasn't feeling especially joyous earlier, I think today's the right day to share the Joyous Version:
(Joyous Version)
Hand-written (Joyous Version)
Chocolate. Yoga. Glistening.  Spark. Satisfying. Bliss. Enthusiasm. Laughter. Music. Desire. Wind. Sunshine. Thunderstorm. Aching-Sides. Pleasure. Unkempt. Ecstasy. Inspiration. Freedom. Openness. Shavasana. Enlightenment. Peace. Solitude. Writing. Cinnamon. Tuck. Elegant. Slender. Blondies. Soup. Grinning. Drop-in. Elevate. Marinade. Ponder. Happiness. Dream. Travel. Beauty. Precision. Strength. Rhythm. Bravery. Sing. Crisp. Reflection. Consideration. Pearl. Wisdom. Locket. Wall. Vegetation. Illuminate. Anthem. Intoxication. Envelop. Cozy. Comfort. Lounge. Thought. Grip. Exploration. Nostalgia. Giggle. Squirm. Tease. Caroling. Wreath. Ocean. Moonlight. Encouragement. Rolling Waves. Connection. Miles. Glory. Honor. Soul. Pastry. Grace. French. Paris. Zurich. Introspection. Frosting. Silky. Cataclysmic. Bloom. Melt. Sing. Cape Cod. J. R. M. D. Family. Fireworks. Friendship. Halo. Echo. Hush. Blanket. Grasp. Lips. Hands. Toes. Elongate. Cupcake. Stretch. Commitment. Engage. Rapture. P. High heels. Lululemon. History. Relaxation. Traveling. Letters. Love. Infatuation. Envelope. Curiosity. Smile. Tangled. Embrace. Christmas. Literature. Bless.

Sadly, I have zero recipes from my trip, but here are some photos of meals I had in Florida - yummm.  It was probably the most delicious trip I've ever been on. 
Allison, Christine and I went to  Dandelion CommuniTea, the most magical place I've ever been.  Picture this: artwork with children's lit quotes, gluten free and vegan menu options and...BAKED GOODS:
Vanilla Apricot Cupcake. Heaven. All it needed to be 100% perfect was a yoga studio upstairs.
 Chels and I ate at Chefs de France and I had this incredible ratatouille dish.  It was so flavorful!
My amazing, amazing, amazing friends Amanda and Nick sent me this gorgeous and unbelievably delicious birthday cake after Chels and I had dinner at Chefs de France.
Can you tell from this photo how super surprised and excited I was?!
We went to bluezoo at the Dolphin where I had this stunning drink.
 Chels had a pretty stunning Oyster.
My favorite chef on the planet made me delicious pancakes!  Check out my bday pin!
 We walked up to the California Grill check-in counter without reservations and were whisked up to the lounge where we sipped delicious drinks, I ate this extraordinary meal and we watched the Magic Kingdom fireworks.  
Chef Glenn made me extraordinary gluten free/vegan Mickey waffles.  Waffles are better when shaped like Mickey's head!
We wrapped up our delicious adventure with dinner at Jiko.  Amazing evening thanks to the great company, Amanda, Nick and Geir and the brilliant chefs. 

Now it's time to put on some Mumford & Sons and finish packing. Next time I write I'll have learned so much about yoga!
Rocky Neck State Park, April 16, 2012.  Woo hoo!

Oh, one more thing...I know cataclysmic isn't general associated with joy, but it's one of my favorite words, so it made the list!


  1. That food looks SO AMAZING! btw do you have a nice camera? Because the pics come out photographer-esque..

  2. It was so delicious! Thank you for the photo compliment-I honestly take all my photos with my cell phone at this point. I just generally try to take photos in natural light and hope for the best!