Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Chocolate-Free Valentine's Day

Gorgeous Arizona Sky
 Forgive the lack of a post last week - I was in Arizona at the Tuscon Gem Show!  I didn't make anything new, but I did eat something new - Vegan Polenta covered with Daiya Cheddar a Tomato Basil Sauce served over a sea of Black Beans.  UNREAL.  It was perhaps the best meal I've ever had.  I'll be trying it out by the end of the month, for certain!
You do.  I took this photo outside Lovin' Spoonfuls
I've been baking a lot, but I haven't taken photos of anything!  I tried a new vanilla cake recipe.  I loved it and I'll make it again!
Sea of Pearls at the Tuscon Gem Show - reminds me of Cat Power's Sea of Love
Terrible photo of a ring I didn't buy in Tuscon
So, last Valentine's Day I made a ton of vegan chocolates for my valentines Danielle and Kelly.  (Friends can and should be valentines!) This year I'm in the middle of a detox - it's not as bad as it sounds, just no sugar, alcohol, corn, tomatoes or soy for a week. That said, I've had a fantastic day.  I had a breakfast date with my boss, worked, ran around for all kinds of family errands and got work done on my jeep.  Then I watched The Princess Bride.  Does it get better? 

I hope all your days are as filled with love as today is!

“Maybe we're all in somebody's dream. Maybe everything's a dream, and nothing else.”  - David Almond, My Name is Mina

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