Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Open Road Song

Brownies make for the ultimate road trip snack.  I think!
I haven't written because I just got home from a trip to Texas.  I accompanied by great friend Kevin for the thirty hour drive!  He's moved (sadly!) to Austin from Maine and I offered to keep him company on the road since my schedule is relatively flexible at this point.  For our journey I made Rocky Road (trip!) Brownies and Cookies.  Check them out in the photos!  I'm making some today for my wonderful mother's birthday, so I'll be sure to post the new recipe soon!

Buttercup may have been in charge of the maps.  Am I too old to travel with her? She's been everywhere with me, just because I'm three weeks shy of 25 doesn't mean she doesn't want to see Texas!  Right? 

Never seen this bridge so traffic-free!
The first day started out with a snow storm in Connecticut but by the time we got to the Tappan Zee, it was just insanely foggy and rainy.  What a beautiful day to drive!
Blurry but beautiful Roanoke sunset
Kevin drove the entire way (I promise I offered to drive!) and he put in something like fifteen hours our first day.  We stayed in my favorite little city, Roanoke!  My dear friend Allison met us at my favorite bar, The Blues BBQ Co.  Road trips are magnificent!  We ate some of my favorite fries and caught up before Kevin and I realized staying awake any longer would be disastrous.  
Rocky Road Cookie in action
Our second day, Kevin and Tom Petty brought us to Arkansas.  We hands down listened to the best music during our drive.  Seriously, the best.
The Sun joined us!!
I've never known a state to have so much pride-this flag was HUGE!
I have issues with how "friendly" is used on this sign
Kevin made us magical, magical drinks with these three ingredients

Right near University of Texas

 I really, really loved Texas.  I can totally see why Kevin moved there and I hope to visit over and over again!

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