Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Parties You Don't Throw: Don't Forget to Pack Emergency Snacks!

I work for a jeweler.  You probably don't know that I have every part time job The Quiet Corner has to offer.  It makes for lots of fun adventures and a really confusing schedule.  Anyway....she does house parties, especially around the holidays, and I went with her to the most recent event. 
Tragically blurry photo of me and Rachel
The problem with parties I don't throw, is I am notoriously difficult to feed.  The last thing I wanted to do was tell a woman opening her home to us that I am gluten free and vegan and I tend not to drink I just hoped for the best.  Can you tell that the woman who took the photo of me and Rachel does not have a problem drinking wine?  

It turns out that I was right to pack a gf veggie wrap, a protein bar and a Cherries n' Berries Macrobar for the evening, but our hostess provided some appetizers that I could enjoy without suffering later for it.

Still, marinated olives, asparagus, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts and Prosecco (I said I tend not to drink wine, not that I never do) aren't really enough for a human being to live off of, so you'd best believe that I enjoyed the heck out of my veggie wrap during the drive home.  Did I mention that I also don't go anywhere without emergency chocolate chip cookies?  I felt so clever last Thursday!  Maybe these gorgeous necklaces had something to do with it, though...
Pyrite with Citrine, Pearls with Gold and Coral. Oh my!
If you feel so inclined, come check out Rachel's jewelry at The Silver Circle Studio this Friday or Saturday!

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